It is the future.

Robots roam about programmed to satisfy our every need. They bring us energy and entertainment.  We don’t need to work because everything is done by the robots.  Assault turrets guard the country borders. Packages are delivered by messenger bots. Public transportation is controlled by carrier robots. Everything is run by them. They never tire. They never falter. Solar powered as they are, we do not need to feed them.

They have no mind to think. One robot for each function and they do not stray from their function. They cannot. Their only means of entertainment and livelihood is serving us. Or so we believe. No one works. No one earns money. No one spends money.

Everyone just lives.

The robots have some form of currency which we regulate, though we’re not sure why they need it. We live with together with the robots. Our families–both ours and theirs–live together in cities they have built for us. The way they build their young is also remarkable and it’s fascinating to watch a baby robot build itself as it grows older. They build everything for us and it’s brilliant the way they do it. They even build the rockets which send us to outer-space. We are, in a way, lucky that they don’t just leave us on this planet, stranded.

Not that they could.

We still do not fully understand them, but they do as they’re told and that’s all that they really need to do so no one’s really that bothered. Some of the more defective robots sometimes try to make us understand them, as if they wanted to communicate, but it doesn’t really work that well.

But who invented these robots? How are they so remarkably perfect? How were they built?

No one really knows. Most of us were just born into a world where they already existed, but our extensive database tells us that they have their own beliefs and theories about their origin. We’re not exactly sure what these theories are, but from what we do know, they are rather fantastical.

We don’t know much about them, but it’s handy having them around and being able to live in such peace. Never before has there been such a period of communal harmony as this one.

Though they are technically robots, we call them ‘humans’ and they call us ‘computers’.

Not sure why.

//Wrote this last year for a competition by MTTN called WriCon.


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